Marija Dimitrijevic

College Associate Professor

Criminal Justice Program Coordinator for NMSU Global Campus

Digital Learning Fellow

ACUE Certified in Effective College Instruction​

Putting New Mexico First!


M.A. New Mexico State University, 2006
Office: BD 110
Phone: 575-646-3316

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Curriculum Vitae: Dimitrijevic CV


Marija Dimitrijevic is a passionate criminal justice educator skilled in developing training materials and conducting sessions for law enforcement agencies. She has been a certified Quality Matters (QM) Online Instructor and Peer Reviewer since 2014, designing and implementing impactful online courses. In 2022, she received the Donald C. Roush Award for teaching excellence and has developed fifteen QM-reviewed online courses. She holds an Instructional Design certificate and a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction from ACUE. Marija was named the Most Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year by the Teaching Academy and served as a Faculty Fellow for Digital Learning. In 2022, she earned a Virtual Reality (VR) – Digital Learning Certificate and integrated VR components into her online courses.

As a human trafficking advocate, she is experienced in developing training materials, conducting training with law enforcement and other agencies, and providing training to certified New Mexico officers whom a law enforcement agency sponsors to attend courses and training across Texas and New Mexico. 

She conducted training for the FBI, border patrol agents, and service providers in NM and TX and training for service providers in the Life of Freedom Center (LOF) Anti-Trafficking Organization in Miami and Broward Human Trafficking Coalition, Florida.

Marija is a Quality Matters (QM) Certified Online Instructor and serves as the primary point of contact in advising students about the online Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) Program. She is a Program Coordinator for CJ NMSU Global Campus. 

Marija is certified to evaluate online and blended higher education courses for quality, and one of her online courses, CJUS 454 – Human Trafficking, is a nationally recognized and certified course.

Marija is the 2021 Teaching Academy Most Distinguished Faculty Member and served as a Faculty Fellow for Digital Learning for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

In 2022, Marija earned a Virtual Reality (VR) – Digital Learning Certificate and started adding VR components to online courses.  

She received the Donald C. Roush Award for teaching excellence in 2022.

Marija is a faculty advisor for Humans 4 Humans Student Organization.


Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses

CJUS 300 Introduction to Research Methods

CJUS 301 Advanced Research Methods

CJUS 302 Crime, Justice, and Society

CJUS 414 Race, Crime, and Justice

CJUS 331 American Correctional Institutions

CJUS 345 Victimology

CJUS 347 Sex Crimes

CJUS 360 The Juvenile Justice System

CJUS 380 Introduction to Terrorism

CJUS 416 Global Perspectives on Youth and Drug Use

CJUS 425 Issues in Ethics, Law, and Criminal Justice

CJUS 417 Drugs in Our World

CJUS 440v Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

CJUS 454 Human Trafficking 

Graduate Courses

CJU 546 Advanced Human Trafficking

CJUS 545 Advanced Victimology

Directed Readings in Criminal Justice and Government