Graduate Students

 Criminal Justice Graduate Student Organization


President: Carlos Layva 
Vice President: Callie Burrow 
Treasurer: Keri Searls 
Secretary: Wyatt Greene 


 Vice President



Name: Callie Burrow

Program: MCJ

Expected Graduation Date: 



Background: I was born and raised in Roswell, NM, and did every extracurricular activity possible. Since being at NMSU for the last 5 years I have graduated with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and a Bachelor in Foreign Languages (Spanish). Since being in college, I have taken a passionate interest in criminal justice and law enforcement but also traveling and photography. I am in my last academic year as a graduate student and am on track to graduate in May 2024. I am currently working on a thesis that is a content analysis on whether there is a difference in border news coverage between national media sources versus border media sources. 




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Graduate Student Erika Ochoa presented her thesis research on the Social Disorganization Theory and the College Campus Periphery at the SWACJ conference in San Antonio, TX


Graduate Student Adriana Chavez presented her thesis research on The El Paso/Juarez Prison Gang / Bario Azteca at the SWACJ conference in San Antonio, TX