Dr. Carlos E. Posadas

Assistant Department Head




Ph.D. Arizona State University
Office: BD 106
Phone: 575-646-3951


Curriculum Vitae: CVPosadas2022


Dr. Carlos E. Posadas research interests include immigration, U.S.-Mexico border issues, race, gender and crime, juvenile justice, and research methods. His teaching interests include research methods, statistics, and immigration and justice. Dr. Posadas is a native of the area having grown up in El Paso, TX and completing his undergraduate work in criminal justice at New Mexico State University before moving on to the School of Justice and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University to pursue his graduate studies.

He received the Donald C. Roush Award for teaching excellence in 2011 and recognized as a Star Teacher by the NMSU Teaching Academy in 2017.

Dr. Posadas is also the faculty advisor for our chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice Honor Society).


Courses taught: 

CJ 101G/CJUS1110G Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems
CJ 300 Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods
CJ 301 Advanced Research Methods in CJ (Intro to Statistics)
CJ 348 Serial Killers
CJ 360 Juvenile Justice
CJ 429 Immigration & Justice
CJ 440V Comparative Criminal Justice
CJ 502 Quantitative Research Methods
CJ 529 Advanced Immigration & Justice
Univ 150 The Freshman Year Experience


Book Chapters

Posadas, C. E., Medina, C. A. (2018). Immigration lockdown: The exclusion of Mexican immigrants through legislation (Revised and updated for 2nd edition). In Urbina, M. G. (Ed.), Hispanics in the U.S. criminal justice system: Ethnicity, Ideology, and Social Control, 2nd edition. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, Publisher, Ltd.

Posadas, C. E., Medina, C. A. (2012). Immigration lockdown: The exclusion of Mexican immigrants through legislation. In Urbina, M. G. (Ed.), Hispanics in the U.S. criminal justice system: The new American demography. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, Publisher, Ltd.


Posadas, C. E., Glazner, A., Natividad, N. and Keys, D. (2021).  Introduction to Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods, Kendall Hunt. 

Refereed Journal Articles

Baek, H., Posadas, C. E., & Kwak, D. H. (2022). Parental Management on Juvenile Delinquency through Low Self-control And Misperception. Deviant Behavior, 1-18.

Baek, H., Lee, S., and Posadas, C. E. (2022) Poor Parenting on Underage Drinking through Frustration and Impulsivity,” Crime & Delinquency; Online First on January 2022. DOI: 10.1177/0011287211064789 

Tapia, M., Posadas, C. E. (2017). Revisiting the Comprehensive Gang Intervention Model: Implementation, Data, and Program Impact in a Chronic Gang Site. Journal of Gang Research, 25.

Duran, R. J., Posadas, C. E. (2016). The Policing of Youth on the U.S.–Mexico Border: A Law Enforcement Perception of Leniency. Race and Justice, 6(1), 57-83. http://raj.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/09/02/2153368715603207.full.pdf?i jkey=piwfSDQgrQJsGIW&keytype=finite

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Catlin, Dennis, Posadas, Carlos E., and James R. Maupin (2010). “The Relationship Between Ethical Ideology and Ethical Decision Making Among

Experienced Police Officers,” Law Enforcement Executive Forum 10(4): 137- 152.

Catlin, Dennis, Posadas, Carlos E., Bond-Maupin, Lisa, and James R. Maupin (2011). “The Impact of Juvenile Court Judge Ethical Orientation on Decision Making,” Juvenile and Family Court Journal 62(2) Spring: 53-61.


Posadas, C. E., Alatorre, F. J. (2014). Immigration, Law and Policy. In Bruce A. Arrigo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics (vol. 1, pp. 455-458). SAGE Publications Inc.. us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/encyclopedia-of- criminal-justice-ethics/book240470

Technical Reports

Duran, R. J., Posadas, C. E. (2012). Sixth Judicial District: Evaluation of Juvenile Justice Programs.Duran, R. J., Posadas, C. E., Mata, J. O. (2010). Juveniles Informally Handled by the Juvenile Justice System. 

Durán, R. J. and Posadas, C. E. (2009). Qualitative Focus of Law Enforcement Decision-Making and Juvenile Delinquency in Doña Ana County. Completed 6/2009. Reviewed by Anthony Peguero, Ph.D. (Miami University (OH)-2009). Mata, J., Durán, R. J., and Posadas, C. E. (2008). Juvenile Justice Project, Las Cruces, New Mexico: DMC Assessment Study. Completed 10/21/2008. Reviewed by Barbara Sims, Ph.D. (Penn State Harrisburg-2009) and Anthony Peguero, Ph.D. (Miami University (OH)- 2009).


Bilingual, English and Spanish.
Spring 2001 Mediation Clinic Course Certificate, Arizona State University College of Law