Dr. Peter Gregware

Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D Justice Studies



Dr. Gregware earned an undergraduate degree in Economics, a MA in Psychology, a J.D. focused on public law, and a Ph.D. in Justice Studies. He has worked as a therapist in a mental health treatment center, was the Director of a federally-funded drug and alcohol treatment facility and a state funded alternative to corrections facility for women, and served as Warden of a pre-release center for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. As a lawyer, he worked as a Law Clerk in the criminal courts of New York City and the Virgin Islands. He also worked as a Legal Services lawyer in a Boston ghetto, and as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee, focusing on violent and sexual crimes against children. He has taught at Penn State University, the University of Wisconsin, and NMSU.

At NMSU, he has been awarded both the University’s Christmore and Roush Awards for outstanding teaching. He has also served as Head of the C.J. Department and as Associate Dean for Academics in the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2011 he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach at Comenius Law School in Slovakia. His current research interests focus on the foundations of unbiased and ethical decision making by CJ professionals.