William Corbett

College Associate Professor

J.D. University of Illinois
Office: BD 353
Phone: 575-646-4352


Curriculum Vitae: CV_WmCorbett.pdf


Professor William Corbett received a B.A. in Political Science and a MPA from the Pennsylvania State University. Following graduation he worked as a family law hearing officer for the Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania prior to working as a management consultant in Europe and North America for the Alexander Proudfoot Company. Professor Corbett then obtained a J.D. degree from the University of Illinois and worked as a civil litigator in California for 13 years. Since 2001, he has taught courses in the areas of law, criminal justice, and government at NMSU and other universities, and has served as a mediator for civil litigants in cases filed with the Third Judicial District of New Mexico. His pro bono service includes working with the New Mexico State Bar’s Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program since 2004. Professor William Corbett received the Donald C. Roush Award for teaching excellence in 2016.


NMSU Courses Taught by William Corbett (2001-2016) 
Course Number                                                         Title of Course
Criminal Justice 
CJ 101                                                                         Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 205                                                                         Criminal Law I
CJ 250                                                                         Courts and the Criminal Justice System
CJ 306                                                                         Criminal Procedural Law
CJ 380                                                                         Introduction to Terrorism
CJ 399                                                                         New Mexico Law
CJ 424                                                                         Forensic Law
CJ 425                                                                         Issues in Ethics, Law and Criminal Justice
CJ 432                                                                         Issues in Criminal Justice: Administrative Law for Criminal Justice
CJ 524                                                                         Forensic Law
CJ 532                                                                         Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice: Administrative Law for Criminal Justice
Govt. 100                                                                    American National Government
Govt. 110                                                                    Introduction to Political Science
Govt. 330                                                                    Introduction to Public Administration
Govt. 345                                                                    The Supreme Court
Govt. 390                                                                    Special Topics in Public Law: Law for Administrators
Govt. 390                                                                    Special Topics in Public Law: Law and Ethics
Govt. 391                                                                    Constitutional Law
Govt. 394                                                                    Judicial Process
Govt. 395                                                                    Law and Society
Govt. 399                                                                    New Mexico Law
Govt. 410                                                                    Internship
Govt. 591                                                                    Law for Administrators
Hist. 399                                                                     New Mexico Law
Jour. 399                                                                    New Mexico Law



Corbett, W., (1999).  An Analysis of 1998 New Mexico Jury Tort Verdicts.  New Mexico Bar Journal, Fall 1999, 48-52.  
Corbett, W., (1996).  Election Issues:  Threats and Opportunities for the Civil Justice System. Consumer Attorneys of California Forum, October 1996, 64-65.