Textbooks Required for Spring 2011

CJ 101G M01M02  INTRO CRIMINAL JUSTICE  David Keys Bohm, Robert. Concise Introduction to Criminal Justice.McGraw-Hill. Two medium (green) scatrons.
CJ 101G M03  INTRO CRIMINAL JUSTICE  Robert John Duran  Fuller, John Randolph. 2010, Criminal Justice: Mainstream & Crosscurrents. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
CJ 205 M01 CRIMINAL LAW I  William J. Corbett Garland, Norman M., Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional. 2nd ed. (2009) Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, CA. ISBN-13:978-0-07-340125-6.
CJ 210 M01  AMER LAW ENFRCMT SYTM  Henry J. Dimatteo  Gaines, Larry K., Kappeler, Victor E., Vaughn, Joseph B. (2209). Policing in America, 6th edition,Anderson Publishing Co., Cincinnati, OH & Walton, S.c., (2001) Get the Dope on Dope: First Response Guide to Street Drugs, Vol. One, Burnand Holding Co., Calgary, Canada.
CJ 230 M01 INTRN TO CORRECTIONS Dana Greene AMERICAN CORRECTIONS , Edition 9TH 11, Publisher: CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780495807483 Course: SPRING 2011-MAIN, C J, 230, M01
CJ 250 M01  COURTS/CRMNL JUSTICE SYTM  William J. Corbett  Neubauer, David W., (2011) America’s Courts & the Criminal Justice System (10th ed). Thomson Wadsworth, Belmont, CA. ISBN-10:049580990X: ISBN-139780495809906
CJ 300 M02  INTRO CJ RESEARCH Carlos Ezequiel Posadas Bachman, R. and schutt, R.k. (2011). The practice of research in criminology and criminal justice. (4th ed.) Sage Publications.
CJ 300 M70M71  INTRO  CJ RESEARCH Marija Dimitrijevic Research Methods of Criminal Justice & Criminology by M. Maxfield & E. babbie 5th Ed (2011) or any other adition. Publisher: Cengage L.
CJ 300 M72 INTRO  CJ RESEARCH EunJung Choi Research Methods of Criminal Justice & Criminology by M. Maxfield & E. babbie 5th Ed (2011) or any other adition. Publisher: Cengage L.
CJ 301 M01  ADV RESEARCH METHODS  Carlos Ezequiel Posadas  Fox, J. A. Levin, J., and Forde, D. R. (2009) Elementary statics in criminal justice research (3rd ed.) Pearson Education Inc.
CJ 301 M70M72  ADV RESEARCH METHODS Marija Dimitrijevic Logio, Kim A., dowdall, George W., Babbie, Earl r., Haley, Fred s. (2008). Adventures in Criminal Justice Research: data Analysis using SPSS 15.0 and 16.0 for Windows (4th Ed. w a CD:SPSS Student Version 16.0 and other resources)
CJ 306 M01 CRIMINAL PRCDRL LAW  Andrea Joseph  Zalman, Marvin, (2008) Criminal procedure: Constitution and Society (5th ed.). Pearson Prentice Hal, Upper Saddle River, NJ
CJ 306 M70  CRIMINAL PRCDRL LAW  William J. Corbett Zalman, Marvin, (2011) Criminal Procedure: Constitution and Society (6th ed.). Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. ISBN: 978-0-13-2457613.
CJ 307 M01 LAW OF EVIDENCE  Stephen G. Ryan  Waltz, Jon r. Introduction to Criminal Evidence, Nelson Hall 4th Ed 1997.
CJ 307 M02 LAW OF EVIDENCE Andrea Joseph NTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL EVIDENCE By WALTZ, Edition 4TH 97, Publisher: CENGAGE L,ISBN: 9780830414796
CJ 322 M01 ORGANIZED CRIME  Henry J. Dimatteo Roth, Michael P.,(2010) Organized Crime,published by Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 07458
CJ 333 M01 JUVENILE CORRECTIONS Rory Rank No textbook assigned
CJ 345 M01 VICTIMOLOGY  Joan E.  Crowley  CRIME VICTIMS,  By KARMEN, Edition 7TH 10, Publisher: CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780495599296
CJ 347 M01 SEX CRIMES Joan E. Crowley  Hickey, E. W. (2006).  Sex Crimes and Paraphilia.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson Prentice Hall (H in syllabus)Reddington, F. P. and Kreisel, B. W. (2005).  Sexual Assault:  The victims, the perpetrators, and the criminal justice system, Second Edition.  Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press
CJ 348 M01 SERIAL KILLERS Ray Maratea Hickey, Eric. (2010). Serial Murderers and Their Victims (5th Ed). Boston, MA: Pearson. Jenkins, Philp (1994). Using Murder. Hawthorne, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.
CJ 360  M70  JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM  Bradford R. Glover  NO MATTER HOW LOUD I SHOUT,  By HUMES, Edition 96, Publisher: S+S, ISBN: 9780684811956
 CJ 391  M01  SPECIAL READINGS CJ  James R. Maupin  No textbook assigned
CJ 393 M01 INTERNSHIP IN CJ Dana Greene No textbook assigned
CJ 399 M70 NEW MEXICO LAW  William J. Corbett  NEW MEXICO, By ROBERTS, Edition REV 06, Publisher: U OF NM, ISBN: 9780826340030
CJ 400 M01 PRCTM-C J RESEARCH James R. Maupin No textbook assigned
CJ 410 M70  CRMNL JSTC ADMN SYTMS  Henry J. Dimatteo  Swanson, Charles R. Territo Leonard, Taylor Robert W., (2008), Police Administration Structures, Processes, and Behavior, 7th Ed, Pearson/Prentice Hall Publishers, ISBN/13:978-0-13-158933-9
CJ 414 M01 RACE, CRIME, & JUST  Robert Duran  RACISM ON TRIAL, By HANEY-LOPEZ, Edition 03, Publisher: TRILITERAL, ISBN: 9780674016293
CJ 416 M70  GLBL PERSP YOUTH & DRUG USE  Marija Dimitrijevic Textbook not required. Encourged to read: Ties tht Bind: Yourth & Drugs in a Black Community by Kojo A. Dei; Perspectives on Adolescent Drug use by Bernard Segal; A positon stronger than love by Anastasia M. Shkilnyk and Dirty: A serach for Answers inside America’s teenage drug epidemic by Meredith Maran.
CJ 417 M70 DRUGS IN OUR WORLD David Keys DRUGS IN AMERICAN SOCIETY, By GOODE, Edition 7TH 08, Publisher: MCG, ISBN: 9780073401492
CJ 424 M01 FORENSIC LAW Stephen G. Ryan ACTUAL INNOCENCE:WHEN JUSTICE GOES… , By SCHECK, Edition (REV)03, Publisher: PENG USA, ISBN: 9780451209825
CJ 427 M01 RACE & CRIME IN FILM Dulcinea M Lara No textbook assigned
CJ 432 M01 Issues in Criminal Justice: Women, Girls and Crime  Cynthia Bejarano  WORLD APART, By RATHBONE, Edition 05, By RATHBONE, Edition 05, Publisher: RANDOM, ISBN: 9780812971095
CJ 432 M02 Issues in Criminal Justice: Mex-Amer ISS of Social Justice Dulcinea M Lara No textbook assigned
CJ 432 M04 Issues in Criminal Justice: Life & Times of the American Prison Dana Greene ASYLUMS, By GOFFMAN, Edition 61, Publisher: RANDOM, By GOFFMAN, Edition 61, Publisher: RANDOM, ISBN: 9780385000161
CJ 432 M05 Issues in Criminal Justice: Crime & Mass Media Ray Maratea MEDIA,CRIME, CRIMINALJUSTICE, By SURETTE, Edition 4TH 11, Publisher: CENGAGE L, By SURETTE, ISBN: 9780495809142
CJ 432 M70 Issues in CJ: YOUTH VIOLENCE  Lori Ortiz  YOUTH GANGS IN AMERICAN SOCIETY, By SHELDEN, Edition 3RD 04, By SHELDEN, Publisher: CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780534615697  & ALWAYS RUNNING: LA VIDA…W/NEW INTRO. By RODRIGUEZ, Edition 05, Publisher: S+S ISBN: 9780743276917
CJ 432 M73 Issues in CJ: PSYCHAN & CRIME David Keys  No textbook assigned
CJ 449 M01M02 SENIOR SEMINAR Andrea Joseph Making Sense of Criminal Justice: Policies and Practices by G. Larry Mays and Rick Ruddell, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-533244-5
CJ 450 M01 CRIME, JUSTICE & SOCIETY Ray Maratea COLOR OF JUSTICE, Author: WALKER, Edition:4TH 07, Publisher: CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780534624460.  RICH GET RICHER+POOR GET PRISON:IDEA…, Author: REIMAN, Edition:9TH 10, Publisher: PEARSON, ISBN: 9780205688425
CJ 454 M70 HUMAN TRAFFICING Marija Dimitrijevic The Natashas: Inside the new Global Sex Trade by Victor Malarek. Paper back: ISBN-10:1559707798; ISBN-13:978-1559707794.The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Man who buy it by Victor Malared. Paper back: ISBN-10: 1559708905; ISBN-13: 978-1559708906. Not for Sale – Batston
CJ 455 M01 FEMINIST RESEARCH METHODS Manal Hamzeh Al Smadi TEAMWORK:WHAT MUST GO RIGHT/WHAT CAN, Author: LARSON, Edition:89, Publisher: SAGE, ISBN: 9780803932906.  LEADERSHIP, Author: GIULIANI, Edition:02, Publisher: HARP PUB, ISBN: 9780786868414
CJ 501 M70 RESEARCH METHODS CJ Cheryl Banachoswski-Fuller Research Method for CJ & Criminology, Michael G. Maxfield & Earl Babbie, 5ht ed (2008), Wadsworth Publishing, ISBN-10: 0-495-09476-5
CJ 510 M70 ADV CRMN JUSTICE ADMIN Henry J. Dimatteo Giuliani, Rudolph W., (2002) Leadership, Miramax-Hyperion Bks, NY NY ISBN/0-7868-6841-4. Larson, Carl E., and LaFasto, Frank M., Teamwork-What Must Go right/What Can Go Wrong (1989) Sage Publication. Interpersonal Communication Series, Newbury Park, CA 91320, ISBN/0-8039-3290-1
CJ 511 M70 NATURE OF CRIME Michael Robert Norris   UNDERSTANDING CRIME:THEORY+PRACTICE, Author: WINFREE, Edition:3RD 10, Publisher :CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780495600831.  OUT OF CONTROL, Author: GOODE, Edition:08, Publisher:UCP,  ISBN: 9780804758208. PROFIT WITHOUT HONOR, Author: ROSOFF, Edition:5TH 10, Publisher:PEARSON, ISBN: 9780135154687.  MY WORD, Author: BLUM, Edition:09, Publisher:CUP SERV, ISBN: 9780801447631
CJ 514 M70 ADV RACE, CRIME, JUSTICE Lori Ortiz Walker, S., Spohn, C., & Delone, M. (2004). The color of justice: Race, ethnicity, and crime in America, 3rd ed. Wadsworth Pub. Mann. C., Zatz, M.s., & Rodriquez, N. (2006). Images of color, images of crime, 3rd ed. Roxbury Publishing.
CJ 521 M01 LAW & SOCIAL CONTROL Cynthia Lynn Bejarano SOCIAL CONTROL, Author: CHRISS, Edition:07, Publisher: WILEY, ISBN: 9780745638584.  OFF THE BOOKS, Author: VENKATESH, Edition:06, Publisher: TRILITERAL, ISBN: 9780674030718
CJ 524 M70 FORENSIC LAW  William J. Corbett  Gaensslen, Robert E., Howard Harris, and Henry C. Lee, Introduction to Forensic Science & Criminalistics, 1st Ed (2009). McGraw Hill. Feder, Harlan A. & Max M. Houck, Feder’s Succeeding as an Expert Witness, 4th Ed (2008) CRC Press.
CJ 532 M01 MISSING WOMEN & HUMAN RIGHTS  Cynthia Lynn Bejarano  Farr, Kathryn. (2005). Sex Trafficking: The Global market in Women & Children NY, NY: Worth Publishers
CJ 532 M02 Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice: Life & Times of the American Prison  Dana Greene  ASYLUMS, By GOFFMAN, Edition 61, Publisher: RANDOM, By GOFFMAN, Edition 61, Publisher: RANDOM, ISBN: 9780385000161
CJ 532 M03 Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice: Mex-American issues in social justice Dulcinea M Lara No Textbook Assigned
CJ 532 M70 Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice: Violent Crime Judy C. Vaughan VIOLENCE FROM THEORY TO RESEARCH, Author: ZAHN, Edition:04, Publisher: ELSEVIER, ISBN: 9781583605615
CJ 541 M70M71 American CJ Policy Judy C. Vaughan AMERICAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE POLICY, Author: MEARS, Edition:10, Publisher: CAMB, ISBN: 9780521746236
CJ 545 M01 ADV VICTIMOLOGY Joan E. Crowley No Textbook Assigned
CJ 545 M70 ADV VICTIMOLOGY Cheryl Banachoswski-Fuller CRIME VICTIMS, Author: KARMEN, Edition:7TH 10, Publisher:CENGAGE L, ISBN: 9780495599296
CJ 555 M01 ADV FEMINIST RESEARCH METHODS Manal Hamzeh Al Smadi RESEARCH AS RESISTANCE, Author: BROWN, Edition:05, Publisher: CSP, ISBN: 9781551302751