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Undergraduate CJ Students: Summer/Fall 2016 Advising Assignments:

Based on the first letter of your last name (see below), locate your adviser on the list below.

This is the individual you are to contact for advising for Summer/Fall 2016, which begins on March 28, 2016.


A, F: Prof. Joseph. Email:; phone: 575-646-3840

B, D: Dr. Posadas. Email:; phone: 575-646-3951

G: Graduate Assistants—located in RM 118 (Ashley Salazar, Xenia Lopez and Deborah Blalock)

E, H-K: Prof. Corbett. Email:

M: Dr. Keys. Email:; phone: 575-646-7184

N-Q: Dr. Tapia. Email:

L, R: Dr. Natividad. Email:; phone: 575-646-4661

S: Dr. Valadez. Email:

For Advising during Summer 2016, please contact the Advising Center at (575) 646-2941 or for an appt., or contact the Department of Criminal Justice at (575) 646-3316 or



Schedule advising using online forms:


Professor William Corbett – students can sign up for advising in Breland Hall room 353

Professor Marija Dimitrijevic please email Marija at to schedule advising via email, phone, video call

Professor Andrea Joseph

Dr. David Keys – students can sign up for advising in Breland Hall room 114

Dr. Nicholas Natividad

Dr. Carlos Posadas

Dr. Mike Tapia

GA Advising – students can sign up for advising in Breland Hall room 107


Advising for Distance Education Students (DE)

cj_dimitrijevic_marija_newProfessor Marija Dimitrijevic is a Quality Matters (QM) Certified Online Instructor and serves as the primary point of contact in advising students about our ONLINE Bachelors of Criminal Justice (BCJ) Program.

(Please make sure that you have access to your Star Audit Report when you contact Marija and keep in mind that she will not be able to register you for courses, override the registration or remove any holds)


Undergraduate Distance Education Students: You will contact Prof. Dimitrijevic for advising.

Email:; phone: 575-571-8451

Graduate Students: All graduate students will contact Prof. Alatorre for Advising.

Email:; phone: 575-646-5159


Please see the list of VWW courses for Spring 2016:

Spring 2016 VWW


Student Records:


Degree Check Request for Academic Standing:


Students with 30 Credit Hours or Less Remaining to Graduate

Students should go to the Student Records office, Breland Hall, who have 30 credit hours or less remaining to graduate for an initial evaluation of academic standing.  This will help ensure that the student is on-track for graduation. Based on the last two digits of students banner ID.

Effective November 1st, 2012, web requests will no longer use an alpha designation. We will be designating web requests based on the last two digits of your banner ID.

CONTACT INFORMATIONYou are assigned to a Record Specialist based on the last two digits of your Banner ID. Please note that students are seen by appointment only.

All Digits Hilda M. Olivas Student Coordinator 646-4040
00-33 Terri-Lyn Mick Record Specialist 646-4558
34-67 Rhonda Hunt Record Specialist 646-4561
68-99 Susie Crouch Record Specialist 646-5205

Letty Romero        Administrative Assistant    646-5523

PLEASE VISIT to fill out the following forms:

– Degree Application for Graduation

– Degree Check Request for Academic Standing

– Degree Check Request for Cadet Commissioning

– Degree Check Request for Financial Aid

– Degree Check Request for Native American/Tribal Education Funding

– Degree Check Request for Veterans

– Early Commencement Participation Petition

– Request for Change of Major

– Request for Subtitution or Waiver

– Request for Transfer Credit Review

– Request for Verification of High School Language

– Student Award Nomination Form

– Study Abroad Contracts

– VWW Course Taken and NOT Showing on STAR Degree Audit


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